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How to Grow a New Account to 12k in 6 Months! Interview with @wildlywellrunning

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Rhonda Jenkins
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This episode is so good! Thinking about starting a brand new Instagram account or finally hopping over to Tiktok to see if you can gain traction faster on a new platform? Today I'm interviewing someone who has DONE IT - Molly of @wildlywellrunning! She's got all of the advice you need to start a new account, why it might be right for you, and the keys to making it successful. Today's episode is fun and full of advice for new and experienced entrepreneurs alike! 


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Podcast Guest

Molly O'Connor

Blogger & Joyful Living Expert

On a mission to live a happy and well-balanced life, while helping others fuel their joy through life’s littlest pleasures and biggest adventures.

Podcast Host

Rhonda Jenkins

CEO & Founder
The Blogger Brunch

Founder of The Blogger Brunch, influencer marketing expert, event planner, and lifestyle blogger at The Skinny Arm.