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How I Grew by 100 Subscribers in ONE Month (ORGANICALLY!)

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Rhonda Jenkins
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It's time to grow your audience and following! It's something we all want to do, but we overcomplicate it. I wasn't really focused on growing my audience, but then I gained over 100 organic followers in one month thanks to this one thing, so of course I had to share it with you!

I'm breaking it down today and keeping it simple...I promise!

First, let's chat about a theme I've been hearing a lot about lately: masculine vs. feminine energy.

This is an oversimplification, but masculine energy is the idea of doing doing doing; feminine energy is just being and trusting that people will find you. Naturally, I lean more toward “masculine energy” and I’m more prone to doing and action.

You can tell just by my podcast episodes that I’m a little more action prone... my episodes usually aren't more than 20 minutes long and are almost always about action and doing and steps and “quick actionable nuggets.” ;) I love sharing that because I love action.

BUT I do think there has to be a balance.

In last week's podcast, episode 50, we talked more about my journey, and I was sharing more from feminine energy last week. We talked about my transformation, stepping into new things, and starting to lean into what I feel is next for me.

So that leads me to share this episode today because I see a lot of people leaning wayyy into feminine energy and then not getting the results they want.

Yes, that energy is amazing, but if you had just a *tiny* bit of aligned action behind it, you would get the best of both worlds!

So today I want to share about one action/step that I think will set you up for success and it will maybe take you an hour to create.

Let's discuss the WHAT, WHY, and HOW.


A freebie!

Yep! That's it! Plain and simple! Giving someone a reason to subscribe to you. Providing something valuable in return for their email address.

WHY a freebie?

I *love* a freebie because it is something simple you can create that will serve your current audience and attract your ideal audience at the same time. Freebies are normally a PDF about one topic, no longer than one page, that provide some kind of value or help to your audience.

I'm sharing a few idea starters for different industries in the full podcast episode.


First, create your freebie, then deliver it to your audience.

I use Canva Pro to create my freebies and graphics.

Your freebie needs to be three things:

1. short and sweet

2. simple/easy to understand

3. cover ONE topic

Next, time to deliver! There are *many* ways to deliver a freebie to your audience. I think the most effective and beneficial is via email. You'll use an email flow or an email "funnel."

I use Flodesk for my email provider because it is beautiful and so easy. It’s literally named flo-desk because it’s soooo easy to create email flows in it.

Set up an email flow.

Every email provider will be slightly different, so I won’t go into detail, but you want to create a "landing page" or “form” (in Flodesk) where people can sign up for your freebie. Keep it simple. Name and email address. That's it!


Then, you need to promote it. I would recommend creating a simple IG stories graphic to share it.

This doesn't need to be fancy at all, but if you put in the 10 minutes of work now to create the template, you’ll save time in the long run.

If you can’t do a template now, that’s FINE! Just mention your new freebie in IG stories and share the link!

Plan to share your freebie consistently...everyday, once a week, whatever works for YOU! Don't forget to share it on Pinterest, Facebook, and any other channels you have.

Freebies serve your audience, grow your community, and are a solid time investment that can result in sales down the road!

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