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How Small Moves Led to My DREAM Business

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Rhonda Jenkins
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My entrepreneur journey/transformation started in 2013! When I think about it, that seems like another lifetime. It definitely was a very different season than the one I'm in today, and I'm thankful for that! Shoot me a DM and tell me when your journey started!

It's humbling (and exciting!) to look back at every small step and move that has happened in the last 9-10 years and see that each little step has helped shape me and my business into what's coming next. In this podcast, I'm sharing my journey so far, encouraging you to take your next step, and sharing where I'm heading next.

The Summary ;)


I started my blog, theskinnyarm.com. It was terrible! (haha) I was scared and I really came up with every excuse in the book not to do it, but I knew that I needed to. Slowly I started to get better and to enjoy it!


I wanted some friends who also took photos of everything. So I started a brunch...for bloggers! The Blogger Brunch was born. The first one was super awkward, but I knew I wanted to keep connecting with other women in this amazing space.


I *loved* a good dance party and wanted something BIG. After years of house parties and theme parties fo every occasion, I made up a New Year's Eve event called Beats & Bubbly. Black-tie, charity gala...the first one BLEW UP with over 1,000 people in attendance! Everything went wrong, but somehow it all came together and was amazing. I knew I had to keep doing it.


I was a Regional Event Marketing Coordinator for Nordstrom and then...my whole team got laid off in September 2016. It was awful; I was so sad. BUT while I was there, I planned events for store openings, runway shows, special events, celebrity launches and appearances and learned so much. I'm so thankful for that season.

That was in September. I decided to focus on Beats & Bubbly for the rest of the year, then I could look for a job in January. I had my severance package and I got to chill for a few months (after balling my eyes out lol)


January rolled around after Beats & Bubbly and I knew I *had* to figure out a way to keep doing events and blogging. I didn't want to work for somebody else after I had experienced a taste of freedom and self-employment.


Non-profit organizations started reaching out to me asking for help with their events.

I kept blogging and started getting paid brand deals, even with a small following.

I kept hosting The Blogger Brunch and growing this community.

I started HUSTLING. I knew that I was smart, had business savvy, and could totally make it work.

So for the last 6 years, that's what I've been doing. I've been self-employed but I've been running FIVE businesses. Whoa.

I had paid interns; I hired a VA to help me, but it was a lot.

Brands started reaching out to me to help them create content and manage their social media.

I started getting asked to do marketing consulting for businesses and then coaching for other entrepreneurs.

I was doing everything I thought I should: hustling, grinding, working 24/7.

Fast Forward: 

Dec. 2020

Got married. Realized I couldn’t really work 24/7 like I had been doing. My husband wanted to hang out with me....crazy concept, right? ;) I knew that I needed to shift my businesses and scale back on hours. I knew that I wanted to shift my plan.


We bought a house and I transitioned content on my blog theskinnyarm.com to include DIY and home renovations. I freaking *love* a project.


I knew that my past work and experiences had equipped me to pursue any number of paths. I knew I wanted to get the digital presence of The Blogger Brunch in order and really be able to provide amazing value and experience online that could go hand in hand with the events I have done for the last 6 years. I started to focus on digital resources.

I launched Pitches to Riches, my pitching and negotiation course, and now it’s completely evergreen. Meaning, I don’t launch it over and over, the price never changes; it’s just there. I’ve got Pinterest ads and freebies online that point to it, so I don’t have to do much with that anymore. I *love* that. Creating that course was one of the hardest things I’ve done but figuring our how to do it fired me up.

Now what?

I’ve had a 1:1 coaching call option available on my website as a way for people to work with me, and it’s brought me some amazing clients, and made me realize over the last two years that I love doing that. I love using my experience to now help other women navigate their business, and their marketing struggles, and their in-person events and figure out how to level-up their brand.

SO now I’ve been working on more resources for other business coaches and female entrepreneurs who run their business online and need help with marketing strategy or social media or content creation.

If you fall into that category, I’m creating a new program just for you and I’m so excited to start showing up in the right kind of energy to be able to really serve other women more than I ever have before.

So why am I sharing this?

This episode is a little more of a “here’s my story” than a “do these 5 things” but I wanted to share it so you can see that I started at the very bottom and I’ve done a lot of different things and each other those things helped me discover passions, helped me learn new skills, and helped me connect with new women who have shaped my journey.

So if you’re unsure of what’s next in your business, I want to encourage you to try to step our into something new, show up on social media in a way that you haven’t before, offer value that you haven’t offered before.

If you need help with that, that’s why I’m here! I’ll have an official program coming soon, but for now, absolutely shoot me a DM for support.

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