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Do These FIVE Things Before Starting Your Blog

Thinking of starting a blog? Start here!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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This is a HUGE question that I get! "I'm thinking about starting a blog. Now what?"

First, how exciting! Before I give you all of the action steps to take, there is a little foundation work that needs to put into place. That's what we are talking about today! Next week, we'll get into action steps to get you started!

As always, listen to the full episode for all of the details!

1. what’s it going to be about?

What are your hobbies?

What do people know you for?

What do people ask you about?

2. determine your channels

  • website: yes, I always recommend you have a way to share long-form content
  • IG: should you keep your personal IG or start a new one altogether?

3. determine your timing

How often are you going to put out content? What will make sense for your life and schedule? 

Monthly? Weekly?

Think about what nights you have free, when you are going to create your content, write, edit, share.

4. decide to do it. make the commitment.

This might be the most important step! I'm all for trying something to see if you like it, but in this case it will be important to make a certain level of commitment before you even start! You could even commit to sticking to it for 6 months, then making a decision about pivoting or continuing.

Listen to episode 45 all about making a decision. Mindset is a huge part of this!

There is a seriousness about making a promise to yourself and keeping it. That’s how you built confidence and trust in yourself.

5. tell ONE person about it

...and ask them to check-in with you about it. It helps to have a little accountability, especially when you haven't started yet, but want to! 

WHO? A person who believes in you. Choose wisely! 

I don't recommend you tell a lot of people or your whole audience, etc.

Next week, we’ll get into the practical steps, platforms to use, things I recommend, etc. Share this episode with a friend who needs to start a blog.

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