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Stop PATTY-CAKING and Make a Decision!

If you want to change your future, change yourself.
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Rhonda Jenkins
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Stop wasting time and make a decision! Suuuper hot topic on today's podcast.

My husband and I both love to travel and we talk about going on trips often, but unless one of us makes a decision and backs it up with action, we'll never get around to booking anything. Unless one of us finally says "we are going to Miami next month" and books a plan ticket, we'll never go!

Life is the same way. You might have things you want to do, but unless you make the decision, they're never going to happen. Nothing in your life is going to happen until you decide to MAKE it happen.

This week, I've been looking back at the last 5-10 years and I’m so so overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the decisions that I’ve made in my past that have helped me and led me to where i am today. You don't realize it at the time, but every small decision and step forward is what adds up to get you somewhere new.

Things like....

deciding to start a blog

deciding to host huge events that scared me to death

deciding to invest in myself

deciding to keep going and not quit

deciding to put out content and be consistent

deciding to start a podcast.

deciding to host a 10 day reels challenge

So many things that have led me to today. I’m super proud and super grateful, and I want to keep growing, but I think it’s important to come from a place of gratitude for your past and present situation instead of a place of striving/never having enough.

I remember when I started my blog. I was so scared, but so excited. TBH it was terrible. LOL I remember going home to visit my parents for a weekend and I was so pumped and telling them all about my new dream of being a blogger and earning income through my blog and I remember their faces. They looked….concerned. Very concerned. I don't think they knew if they were supposed to go along with it and be supportive or try to talk some sense into me. Haha! 

It didn't matter though. I had made a decision to be a blogger, so I did it. Here we are 9 years later... that one decision led me to start my blog, host events, become self-employed,

So let’s talk about decisions.

All roads have been pointing to this topic all week for me. And it’s super obvious to me why….I just made the biggest investment in myself that I've ever made!

Over the years, i’ve paid for courses to learn new skills, I’ve taken workshops, but I’ve never made this big of an investment. SO I just paid in full for it and made a decision to put my money where my mouth is. I just made a decision to keep growing, keep learning, and change my life.

I'm in it with you! Don’t think I’m telling you to do this and I'm sitting back, getting comfortable.

The next thing that is pointing me toward this topic: I just started a new book called Atomic Habits. It’s all about changing your life through changing your daily habits and decisions. I had this book on my list and ordered it last week. Coincidence?

THEN I was scrolling through podcasts last week and searched for Jim Rohn. He's a success speaker OG. OG! His big message can be summed up with… "If you want more, you must become more."

"if you want the future to change, you have to change yourself."


So if you’re unhappy with an area of your life, with your blog, with the amount of money you are making…now it should be clear what you need to do.

You have to change yourself before those other things will change.

How do you do that?

You have to make. a. decision.

To grow, to change, to start, to move on, to step out, to learn a new skill…whatever that thing is.

You have to make a decision. Then stick to it and have some actions to back it up.


SO my question for you is: what do you need to change in order to change?

  • get up early
  • start charging money for your content
  • start a blog
  • build your website
  • invest in a mentor
  • start working out
  • eat healthier and take care of your body
  • start a gratitude journal

What is that small thing that you can change in your daily life that will lead to huge life change down the road? Some of you have something in your mind that popped up right away. I would love to support you in that, so shoot me a DM and tell me what your small change is! I’m in it with you!

Here’s your challenge:

Take time, write things down, then act…make the decision and change your future and change your life.

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