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Why Your Brand Should Look RADICALLY Different Than it Did One Year Ago

If you're doing the same actions, you'll get the same results.
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Rhonda Jenkins
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Today's episode is about something that I've been noticing recently. I have changed a lot over the years, but especially in the last year. My businesses look completely different than they did one year ago. But I look around and see other women who I've known for years, and they look exactly the same. No change, no growth, nothing new.

If you've been putting in work for one year and you don't have the results you want, or you can't look back over the last 12 months and say "it was all worth it because I finally _____" then it's time to try something new. Cut your losses. Let's move on! It's time to try something different!

I encourage you to listen to this episode because there are some juicy nuggets of information and encouragement that I know will help you. I'm giving all the backstory and my journey in the episode, but let's chat about what to do if you are feeling stuck and you know you haven't made the changes you need to.

What is the easiest place to make a small change in your business?

Your Instagram bio! 

Here's my IG Optimization Freebie - use it to make a few small changes and you'll be amazing what you start attracting in your business.

Here are my quick tips for small changes that lead to huge shifts in your business!

  • don’t overthink it
  • update your name field (it's searchable text!)
  • update your bio
  • change your links (need a juicy call to action!)
  • change your editing style
  • create reels cover photos.

If you want to change your life, then change something you do everyday. Your brand is the same….if you want a big change, change the small things!

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