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How to Set the Foundation for a Profitable Biz

how to harness the power of mindset
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It's time to build the foundation of your business! There are two steps that have to happen before you can reach out to brands, pitch, or even grow on Instagram. Your whole business and life as an entrepreneur depend on building a solid foundation. Today's episode shares what changed my life as a blogger and how to implement that into your own life and business.

Mindset and self-talk are huge buzzwords right now, but why...because they are SO important! 

You've heard it before: you get out what you put in...you attract what you put out. The direction of your life follows your thoughts. So where do you want to go? 

To build a profitable business, we need to build a solid foundation. That foundation comes from YOU!

There are only two steps to start harnessing the power of positive mindset: 

1. Reflection

Think about the common phrases you say to yourself. Are they positive and encouraging or negative and critical? Then think about what triggers you to say these phrases? Looking at your Instagram feed? When you make a mistake? When you get rejected by a brand? When you look in the mirror? 

The first step is reflection because we need to become aware of our current self-talk. This is the starting point of our business foundation.

2. Replace Negative with Positive

Your current self-talk and mindset are deeply engrained and it will take time to retrain your brain to think positive, encouraging thoughts about yourself and your business! We are going to replace negative self-talk with positive words. We are going to write them down and say them OUT LOUD daily! You believe your own voice more than anyone else, so it is so important to say them out loud each day and memorize them! 

- Here are a few examples of daily affirmations:

- I am confident and joyful.

- I am disciplined: body, soul, spirit

- I can do hard things.

- My hard work will pay off.

- Brands want to work with me and pay me for my work.

- I plan my content in advance and create quality content.

- I have plenty of time to run a successful business.

- Making money is easy and fun.

If you're looking for ways to jumpstart your blog to business transition, join my Blog to Biz 5 day free e-course! It's 5 days of resources and "homework" to get you moving in the right direction!

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