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Should You Revive Your Old List/Account or Start From Scratch?

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Rhonda Jenkins
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One of my girlfriends reached out and asked me if I thought she should try to revive her email list or start a new one from scratch. Since I'm familiar with her business, I was able to talk with her and give her some ideas of what steps to take next.

After our conversation, she said "you know so much about Flodesk" and "you need to share this with people!" so here we are. I'm sharing the breakdown of next steps that I gave her and I know they'll help you too.

When is it time to buckle down and get consistent to wake up your old list (or Instagram account!) and when should you make the executive decision to start over from scratch?

I've got 3 questions to ask yourself that will help you determine what the best move is for your business. For details and examples, listen to the full episode (only 13 minutes long!); here is the summary:

  1. How old is your list?
  2. Have your changed your business/niche/topics?
  3. Were you getting good engagement/open rate on your old emails?

It doesn't have to be a cut and dry decision. You can always try to revive your list first and then decided to start a new one if you're not happy with the results. For the best results, here's what I would recommend doing to revive an old email list or Instagram account:

  1. Run a reengagement campaign.

New valuable content, consistent outreach, juicy information, sharing your new niche or business, serving up value! As you are reengaging your old audience, you should also be trying to attract the new audience you want to serve.

  1. Run an unsubscribe campaign.

It sounds intense, but I promise it's the way to go. After a few weeks of *consistent* emailing/posting, it's time to encourage your subscribers to opt-out if they're no longer interested.

(Listen to the full episode for details on how to run this campaign using Flodesk)


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