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Plan Your Pitch + Grab This Pitching FREEBIE!

It's time to put your pitching plan in action!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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I love being able to share resources with this community! One of my big goals this year was to get clear on who I want to serve and then...do it!

I’m loving where we are heading this year! If you haven’t already, subscribe to The Blogger Brunch podcast, AND will you leave me a 5 star review? I want to help more women than ever this year, and more reviews make that possible.

We’ve been talking about pitching, and I have loved working with brands for years and getting paid for it and you can do it too! I’ve worked on paid campaigns with under 10k followers and always been compensated fairly! I tend to create resources that I need or my past self needed, then I’m able to share them with you after I check them out and make sure they’re helpful. I wish somebody would have created an amazing pitching course for $37 when I needed it, but nope…had to figure that out on my own. So now I’m so happy to be able to share it with you!

If you haven't heard yet...Pitches to Riches is LIVE and it's the tool you need to start landing paid brand deals consistently!

A few weeks ago I shared a content planner freebie with you, and you guys loved it!  So so many downloads. That was something that I needed in my business and had tried so many and finally created my own to get what I want, so I'm glad you love it.

I have been using mine and it's helped me narrow down content ideas, look at timelines, and get all of my ideas organized in one place, but I realized I needed something else to help me organize my actual pitching.

So I created a specific “pitch planner” worksheet to outline my game plan for pitching each month. As I continue to grow and evolve in my personal brand, I focus more on theme pitching and batching my pitches for projects. So I’m doing more pitching at once. Pitching and writing pitch emails requires a specific mindset, and once you're in it, it's best to keep going! Batching takes advantage of that and helps me knock out multiple pitch emails while the juices are flowing.

So I created this tool that I’ve been using and I want to share it with you today.

I’m walking you through how to use this pitch planner and you can download it for free below!

Here's how to use the Pitch Planner to outline your pitch strategy and take advantage of all of your amazing content ideas!

Look at your content planner for the upcoming month.

Think about what aspects of content could potentially be sponsored. For example, i’m working on some home renovation plans for later this year. Let’s use my bathroom renovation as my content example. On the Pitch Planner, my “bathroom renovation” would be the content topic.

So I have my content topic, then underneath, I would break down all of the brands I could reach out to for that topic.

So for my bathroom, I might include faucet brands, lighting, bath mats, door knob, towel hooks, sink, tile, etc.

Of course, you can break it down in different ways. I could break it down further if I really wanted a specific item sponsored and I could list out multiple brands to email for that one specific product. I share more examples of this in the episode.

Here’s a little pitching and negotiating freebie tip for you…

I like to organize projects this way because I might have 10 items that I need for my bathroom renovation and maybe 3 companies are willing to gift me items, but one company is willing to sponsor and pay me.

From there, I can negotiate rates based on making that one brand the full renovation sponsor or just the sponsor for that one item. Some brands will pay top dollar to be the only sponsored item in a post and to be the “presenting sponsor.”

As in…my bathroom renovation presented by xx brand. Don't be afraid to negotiate to have their name shouted from the rooftops or just listed as a "source" for a specific item. There's a big difference there and brands know it!

If one brand is willing to pay, that frees you up to accept "in kind" partnerships from other brands, which can be useful!

Then, craft your email pitch!

From there, I’ll craft a pitch email and be on my way! I try to batch pitching and spend one day a month pitching for upcoming projects. Pitching is a different brain muscle than you probably normally use, so I think it’s helpful to batch and knock out a few at a time!

Your Pitch Planner will help keep you on track! If you also like to batch your pitches, you can break it down by pitching for one topic per week, etc.

If you need help with pitch emails and verbiage, I’ve got templates available inside Pitches to Riches, so definitely look at that resource!


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