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Plan a Series ASAP. Here's Why.

A content series is gold!
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This might be one of my favorite podcast episodes so far! We are talking all about content series and why you need to start one ASAP!

I love a content series and some of my favorite seasons of content on my personal blog were born from specific a series that I was creating. If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode about content planning, I highly recommend you hit that one first! Then come back.

I recently received a DM from a blogger. She asked for help! She said she had listened to the podcast and thought she was doing everything that I had suggested, but asked if I had any additional tips for actually getting a response from the brands she was reaching out to. I was ready to dive in and talk to her about pitching and her email verbiage, but first I stopped to take a look at her content.

It was good. But nothing jumped out at me. The real problem: she’s a lifestyle blogger and doesn’t have a niche! Just like me! Probably like many of you! I *love* being able to share lifestyle content on my personal channel, but it does have some drawbacks. One of them is that brands can’t see by a quick glance at your page what you focus on and why they should partner with you. But that’s ok! Let’s work around it with a series!

I chatted with this gal a little longer and told her to start a series, and I want to give you the same advice and add a little more detail. In this episode, I’m a little more off the cuff because I’m speaking heavily from personal experience. I’ve partnered with a lot of well-known brands on PAID partnerships. Yes, even with under 10k followers, and I want you to be able to do the same and get paid what you are worth!

A content series is GOLD. Let’s talk about why… here are the bullet points. Highly recommend listening to the full episode (only 18 minutes) to get the specific examples.

  1. A series opens up new topics and content verticals for you. Fashion blogger but want to start sharing skincare? Start a new series. In debt and want to share your budget journey with followers? Start a series.
  2. A series can be seasonal. Have a new fitness goal as you train for a marathon? Start a series. Enjoy cooking but only in the fall? (me!) Start a series.
  3. A series can allow you to showcase relevant content before you pitch a brand. Want to work with Mazda, but haven’t ever shared travel content? Start a series! THEN pitch.
  4. A series can showcase deeper knowledge in an area you haven’t shared before. I started sharing pitching tips/blogging content on my personal channel and it was well-received. Then I pushed it to The Blogger Brunch. It all started as a series.

Surely I’ve convinced you that a series is the move, right?

Ok, now what?! Like most pieces of content, you plan it, then you execute it. Here’s how:

  1. Pick a frequency for your series. I like once a week because it’s not overkill, but not so far apart between segments that they forget what you’re talking about.
  2. Pick a time to share your series. I like a specific week day each week.
  3. Pick a topic/name: I like alteration, but don’t get stuck here! One of my favorites ever was Foodie Friday (so cute!), but I’ve also done a series called “What I Wore” and posted my weekly outfits in a blog post every Friday. It wasn’t super catchy, but it got the job done! Just start; you can always adjust once you’re a few weeks in!  
  4. Plan your series content in advance! Posting weekly? Plan out your content calendar for the first month or two. This will be a deeper dive into a niche than you’re used to, so before you start, make sure you have the content ideas to support your new series! Go back and listen to Episode 20 for some content planning and batching tips that will serve you well!

Let’s go! What series are you planning? I already know what I’m working on next. I hope this episode inspired you to create something new. Tag @thebloggerbrunch as you get started! I can’t wait to see what you create!

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