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The goal that I COULDN'T SAY before this week + My Personal Intentions for 2022

These intentions will inspire you in 2022!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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I had all of the content plans, but I'm throwing them out the window this week and interrupting my plan to share this special episode! 

Last month, as I was planning content to share with YOU, I had to do the content planning worksheets and exercises that I shared with you. So I went through those and was so excited to start January with a pitching series for all of my ladies who are trying to *increase* their blog revenue game this year! YES MA'AM!

BUT I ended up booking a last minute trip to Colorado over NYE and it totally shifted things. The trip came together so easily at the last minute, and it felt great to be in the mountains and snow to start my year! I felt clarity and peace and stillness and it was GOOD.

After that, I knew I needed to share some of that clarity with you! So here we are.

I am so proud of what I accomplished in 2021, but I challenged myself to think bigger this year. So I did!

I shared these with my husband and with one of my mentors and I was about to move full steam ahead with podcast content that I had planned for you, but really felt a strong pull to stop and share these with you.

Here are five of my 2022 intentions for my personal life and business.

1. I'm on the way to becoming a multi six-figure business owner.

Something clicked in me when I said that out loud and I felt a strong pull to share it with you. So, I’m just releasing that. I’m on my way to becoming a multi six-figure business owner. To some people, that’s not a lot; to some people that’s a ton; and some people are shocked that I would share that.

There are a lot of things I could expand on or explain, but the biggest reason to share that is to show you that I had to have *complete* clarity before I could say that out loud. Why haven't I been able to say that before this week? I wasn't clear. But now I am. I encourage you to look for clarity in your goals and intentions, too.

My biggest takeaway from this intention is: "how does a multi six-figure business owner act?"

She doesn’t procrastinate. She has help. She rests. She breaks bad habits. She lets go of comparison. She is clear.

2.  Podcast Glow Up

I'm excited about this one for sure! A few fresh ideas coming to a podcast near you! ;) 

  • new cover photo (the photo has been in my head for so long! excited to bring it to life!)
  • share audio in IG podcast posts
  • bring in a *couple* of guests this year that add value

I explain each of those in the episode, and I'm excited for each of them!

There is ONE other podcast glow up item on my list. You won't see it, but it's a big deal!...

  • build a new podcast closet! 

I cannot wait to refresh my office closet and make it into the perfect space to record the podcast each week! You can follow along my DIY home improvements @rhondajenkins

3. Be consistent

blah blah blah. I KNOW! How often do I preach this to you?! Consistency is key, right?! Yes.

Here's the thing: I'm *amazing* at my Monday blog posts, Monday newsletter, Wednesday podcasts, Thursday TBB newsletter, even my personal IG channel...ALL of these things that I do consistently every day/week. But the one thing I have not been consistent in is posting on @thebloggerbrunch Instagram account.

I really had to get to the bottom of it while in Vail, and I'm really excited to have a little breakthrough and be able to use that channel to serve YOU!

4. niche down and have 2 brands only


I love starting new projects...love. But spreading myself thin only waters down my other projects. SO unless I hire helps, I'll be spending my time on two things only: 

5. launch Pitches to Riches

I wanted to launch this last year, but there was just a block. I don't know why, but it wasn’t the right timing. Now I know that I had some mindset work to do before I could launch this course!

The course has been sitting 90% on my computer, and now I’m glad because Instagram has changed so much even in the last couple of weeks and now I can update Pitches to Riches to reflect those changes and serve you better! Funny how things work sometimes, isn't it? I have no doubt that this new launch timing will be what is best!

Next week our pitching series begins! I hope you have set some intentions of your own for 2022 and that mine will help inspire you to push yourself this year! 

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