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Media Kits, Negotiations & Working with Brands

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Rhonda Jenkins
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Rhonda is joined this week by Alyssa Eubank, a Public Relations expert who comes from a background in branding, advertising, and communications and is currently at Plug PR in Dallas. Alyssa fills us in on media kits, negotiations, and more on the influencer industry from the brand side. 

From the beginning, it gets tactical. Alyssa’s recommendation on how to start working with brands--send over a DM to the right contacts! She goes even further to explain what she loves in a media kit, and gets super specific about what information she wants to see in yours. Should you include your rates or let the brand say a number first? 

“The first step is finding the right person and a simple hello and I am interested in you, let’s have a chat, or can I send you my media kit?” 

For Alyssa, and others who work at agencies, there are certain factors to consider in that they work for an entire book of business--maybe your numbers don’t work out for one, but she goes through how she may consider you for another one of her clients as well. 

Additionally, Alyssa hones in on the importance of authenticity and honesty from the very beginning of any relationship. Rhonda shares her experience with transparent conversations with brands, and what those negotiations look like. Together, they nail down some tactical tips in working out deals between brands and influencers from both sides to develop a win-win for both sides. Rhonda even lists out several specific questions she has learned to ask brands from her years of experience.

Listen to the full episode and reach out to Alyssa to connect!

Podcast Guest

Alyssa Eubank

Senior Account Executive, Influencer Marketing Specialist

Alyssa is publicist at boutique Dallas agency, Plug PR, specializing in community and influencer marketing.

Podcast Host

Rhonda Jenkins

CEO & Founder
The Blogger Brunch

Founder of The Blogger Brunch, influencer marketing expert, event planner, and lifestyle blogger at The Skinny Arm.