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Kickstart Your BRAND GLOW-UP in Less Than One Hour

Less than one hour to a brand glow-up that you'll be proud of.
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Rhonda Jenkins
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It’s time to SHINE!

I want to help female entrepreneurs show up confidently online! I LOVE helping women during 1:1 calls but this is information that everyone can put into practice in their own brands.

Mindset is a huge part of the transformation I've had and the transformations that I've helped other women walk through. I love sharing tips and tricks and strategy, and those things are important, but mindset it a huge piece of the puzzle that we need to talk about more.

Ladies often compliment me and tell me that I have "great energy" or that I seem so confident. And I appreciate that! BUT it doesn’t just happen.

I take my mindset and focus very seriously. I don’t enjoy being around people who are "debbie downers", always focus on the negative, or people who won’t step out and TRY to make a change for themselves.

Being proactive about your mindset and taking responsibility for your current situation is the true first step to change and starting to show up confidently.

SO… I AM so confident in what I do and how I help women, and I want you to be that confident too!

Are your attitude and your actions aligned with the business owner that you want to become?

After doing a little mindset work, there ARE some actions you can take to set the tone for your brand or business online, so THAT is what i’m going to share with you today.

I’m calling this a brand GLOW-UP.

Remember that these steps are just a kickstart, and the real change starts to happen in your mind, in consistency, and in investing in yourself. I’ve been doing those things for years, but there is still work to be done, so that is always a good reminder.

Let's do the work.

1. is your bio optimized to attract your ideal new follower and new client, or even a new brand partnership?

I'm sure you have done some work on your bio...maybe even recently! But does it communicate the same energy that you want to bring into your brand and your partnerships? Are people attracted to it? Is it appealing to your ideal follower/client?

Check the following:

  • your name: also list your "niche" in your name field. Now you have expanded characters to play with and this field is searchable! Think about what your ideal client is searching for.
  • bio description: you better say more than "dog mom" or "wine lover." COME ON! What fires you up? What gets you excited to show up on Instagram and chat with your people?
  • call to action: what are you linking in your bio? Think it through...are you linking directly to an offer you have for sale? your rewardstyle links page? What do you want people to do when they leave your bio. Create a strong and clear call to action like "grab your freebie, work with me, shop my storefront, etc." Make them curious about what else you have to offer them.

2. check your Instagram highlight bubbles

You’re like I know, I know, I need highlights. Yes, but stay with me.

This is a little hack for you to get honest with yourself about your content and what you’re currently sharing with your audience. Sometimes we are "too close" to our own content and business and we can't see clearly how we are showing up; this will help.

I want you to create the highlights that you want your followers and clients to see and know about you right away.

Don’t worry about the graphics or cover photos right now. Yes, those are important, but for now, just create the highlight name and think of the topic that you want people to see right away.

Bloggers: this could be try-ons, recipes, fitness, ootds, faith, amazon...

Entrepreneurs: this could be testimonials, freebies, offers, programs, tips, coaching, about me, my transformation...

OK So now you have those…YOU NEED TO FILL THEM.

Right. So this is a little exercise that is going to be eye-opening for a lot of you.

Go back through your IG stories from the last MONTH. Can you fill each of your highlights with pieces of content from stories from the last month? Is there a highlight topic that you want to talk about or be known for, but you haven’t really mentioned it over the last MONTH.

This should be like flashing neon sign about what kind of content you need to create. if you can’t fill your highlights, this is a sign that you might need to shift some content topics in stories.

That leads us to the third step...

3. is your content aligned?

You just had a clear view of highlights and stories content, but let's go a little deeper.

What are you sharing that interests your followers?

What are you sharing that is valuable to them?

Of course your content is a huge part of social media and I’m a BIG BIG proponent of serving quality content. For me that means branded graphics, cohesive colors, good lighting in any photos or videos I do.

Think about the content you like to consume. Everyone is different, but I love when someone’s content is aesthetically pleasing. This doesn’t mean that your life is perfect or that you’re being fake if you don’t share a pile of laundry sitting on the floor by you. This just means, you ONLY serve content that serves your people. Nothing else matters. It’s more about focusing on the content that serves them and ignoring everything else.

So give your IG bio a refresh, add the highlights you want to be known for, then check to see if your content is in alignment with the type of business or brand that you want to be. I LOVE helping women through this process and figuring our their secret sauce online, so if you want more information about that, DM me @thebloggerbrunch.

If this was a helpful episode for you, please screenshot it, share it with your audience, and spread the love. I’ll see you next Wednesday.

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