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How to Start a Podcast

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Rhonda Jenkins
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So you want to start a podcast? Let's talk about it! I started The Blogger Brunch podcast in December 2020 and my first few weeks were ROUGH. I took a step back, changed my format, started again, and it was a game changer! I now *love* podcasting and my podcast is my favorite piece of content that I produce every week.

If you're on the fence, but think you want to start a podcast of your own, here are some things to consider: 

  • podcasts position you as the expert!
  • you're discoverable to a whole new audience!
  • potential for ad revenue!

I break each of those down in the full episode, but let's keep moving. Below, I'm sharing how I started, the equipment I use, the programs I use, and what I pay for to produce my podcast.

First things first:

What kind of podcast do you want?

If you're listening to The Blogger Brunch podcast, you're likely interested in a podcast to boost your business. I say DO IT!

Think about your topic and your potential audience. Who do you want to serve with your podcast? 

Episode style: I started out with an interview format and was struggling to fill my hour-long slot. I also discovered that I didn't like interviewing people...I wanted to do the talking!

Frequency: I recommend once a week, but do what works for you! Whatever you choose, keep it consistent.

Duration: How long are your episodes? I settled on 15-20 minute episodes. Think about what your favorite podcasts are to listen to. That might be an indicator of the length you should aim for.

Other things you'll need to start out, but don't spend too much time on them. Everything can be updated later!

  • cover art: I made mine in canva and changed it at the beginning of 2022.
  • intro: record it, move on.
  • outro: record it, move on.
  • music/jingle: great idea to have some music. Google roaylty free music sites, buy one that you like, have your producer put it together for you. Done. My editor adds my intro, then music, then my episode, then my outro and then fade out music.

equipment and tech

Let’s go over the things you need for your new podcast. I’m going to share what I use, what I started with, and what you could do without to start.

Recording studio: you do not need one. You *do* need a small room with a good amount of sound proofing/sound absorption...yes, a coat closet or bedroom closet is perfect!


Microphone: I use a basic mic. Pretty sure I ordered it on Amazon. Will link in show notes for you. I love it.

Pop Cover: small screen that sits in front of microphone. Helps mute your hard "P" and "T" sounds, etc. Not expensive, so I recommend getting one to start out.


You don’t just hit record and then magically your podcast appears on iTunes. Lol I had no clue how it all worked before I started, but there are a few in-between steps.

Recording: I use Squadcast referral link: https://squadcast.fm/?ref=rhondawood

Editing: I definitely recommend outsourcing editing that's something you really enjoy. I hired someone via Upwork. There are all sorts of producers out there who will do all of the work for you, but now I have a great system that is simple, so I choose to do a little of the work myself (i.e. uploading the episode summary to itunes). If you're doing longer episodes, want to do timestamp summaries, or are coordinating guests, it is helpful to outsource that work.

Hosting: How do you get your audio track onto apple iTunes, Spotify, etc.? A hosting program/feed does that for you. I use Podbean. I upload my podcast recording and show notes onto Podbean and it feeds it to Itunes and every other podcast provider. I have loved their functionality and they give me access to an ad network if I want it.

Time to Share!

When I first started, I was terrible. I was so nervous, but I got better! I didn't want to share my episodes because I hated them, but now I can listen to my show and think "man, that's good info!" Don't be afraid to share it, ask for reviews, and invite friends to listen and support!


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