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How to Set Goals That Will Fire You UP About Your Business in 2022

You can set goals any time of year, but let's do a deep dive into goals that will drive your business and excitement in 2022!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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Wow! It's the penultimate podcast episode of the year!! I can't believe we've done a whole year of episodes! I wrote that down as one of my wins on my 2021 Brand Review! (if you missed it - grab your free download worksheet!)

I loved chatting about brand reviews last week, and definitely pause and do yours if you haven't already. It's the building block for this week's episode.

Today we are talking about GOALS! It's probably nothing new to you, but I'll be sharing this in a way that relates specifically to content creators and entrepreneurs, so hopefully that will be helpful and get the wheels turning for you.

In this episode, I share a couple personal stories about goals and one from "college Rhonda" so be sure to listen if you want to hear those.

Every year, I try to set around 10 goals to cover all areas of my life that I want to grow in - personal, financial, faith, health, business, everything!

I have shared this before, but I focus on setting SMART goals. Yes, that's an acronym! 







Let's dive into each one and I'll explain them in a way that pertains to this industry. If you haven't heard this information before, I highly suggest listening to the full episode!

Goals should be SPECIFIC:

You want to grow - by how much?

You want to create more content - what kind and how often?

You want to get more brand collabs - how many and at what rate?

Goals should be MEASURABLE:

Content: one reels per week? 3 reels or videos per week? How are you tracking it?

Revenue - how much revenue? Is this per deal or per month? Write it down!

Pitches - How many will you send per week? or month?

Goals should be ACHIEVABLE and REALISTIC:

These two go together for me.

I’m all for big goals BUT do not set some crazy goal and expectation of yourself.

If you haven’t created a Reels all year, you’re probably not going to start posting one reel a day for all of 2022. right?

Revenue - if you have never had a brand partnership of any kind, you need to start with a goal of a gifted partnership. THEN you revisit your goal at the end of Q1 and see how you can keep growing.

Goals should be TIMELY:

This is a huge one.

Don’t set all of these long-term goals and then in December 2022 you’re like oh shoot I’ve got one month to earn $1 million and create 97 reels and post them!

No. Your goals need to be timely- as in they can be monitored by time and you can have monthly or weekly or whatever check-ins with yourself (or with a friend!) to check progress and see where you can make changes as needed or maybe even raise your goals.

You need to set both small and large goals so you have some smaller milestones to keep you on track for your big overall goals!

I am so so excited for you! One more podcast episode this year about content planning for the new year and i’m so excited about it! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and we’ll see you next Wednesday!

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