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How to Repurpose Content

STOP creating new content everyday!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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Am I crazy for telling you to STOP creating fresh content?! Yes and no ;)

You should absolutely be creating new fresh content on the regular...BUT you should also *regularly* be sharing OLD content in the mix too!


  1. Your old content was good!
  2. You have new followers who haven't seen it!
  3. You're going to burn out if you feel pressure to constantly create!

We are coming off of Superbowl weekend (go team!) and Valentine's Day....and I was sooo pleased that I transitioned a balloon garland from Galentine's to the Superbowl! Instead of starting completely over, I just removed the pink balloons and added the team color balloons to either end of my white balloon garland. EASY. It took about 30 minutes to update it.

That got me thinking... we need to be doing the same thing with the content we already have! 

Yesterday, I sat down and created an entire Reels video out of old photos from a vacation photoshoot that had never been shared in a Reels before! A brand new piece of content made from old content! That saved me so much time! 

We know that we can repurpose content but are we doing it regularly?

I want to do a better job of repurposing content moving forward, and I want to make it simple for you to do the same! Here are a few ideas of how to easily transition old content and make it new again! 

1. Repurpose *old* photos.

How? You can use old photos in so many ways for your brand/business! 

  • create a reels "slideshow" with content from one themed photoshoot

  • use them to create graphics templates/cover photos for any content series that you have

  • share a couple in stories then share the original IG post from that shoot. (it will get more engagement)

  • tell a funny story in stories using old photos...a photo essay, if you will.

  • use an old photoshoot grouping to create a new blog post about an unrelated topic (i.e. photos from a fashion shoot as the visual for a blog post about a personal topic)

2. Repurpose *old* blog posts.

Your blog posts live on your website and maybe they get a view every now and then, but if they aren't featured on you homepage, then probably not. Let's bring some additional views to old posts! Here's how.

  • new Pinterest pins. I won't go into detail, but create new pins to drive traffic to old blog posts. Great for SEO/rankings; great for holiday and annually relevant content.

  • update an old blog post and add it to your website homepage/featured posts section. I have a restaurant guide from 2 years ago that I could update with our new date night spots, and share the link! Use an old photo of date night to promote your blog post on Instagram.

  • use the link sticker tap feature in IG to link to old blog posts! HUGE. Many of you didn't have link sharing capabilities if you had under 10k followers in the days of the "swipe up" feature. NOW you all have access to share a link within your stories! Think about how many of your followers have never seen some of your older blog content. Create a new series or weekly feature to showcase older blog posts and share one every week! For example, if you're a home blogger, use #throwbackthursday to share an old home project and link to all of your blog posts about that project! That could take care of IG stories for a whole day!

  • summarize old blog posts and turn them into Instagram carousels! This is especially helpful if you are a business who provides a service, or if you are sharing tips with your audience! (brb while I create some carousels!) ;)

Listen to a few of my personal examples in the episode for more ideas! I hope this was helpful to get the creative juices flowing and give you a break from creating fresh content 24/7! 

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