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How to Plan a Weekly Workflow to Maximize Productivity and Minimize Stress

Less stress, more ease!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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You already know I'm a planner. So of course I have a weekly workflow that I LOVE and I'm going to teach you how to create one in your life and business to help you maximize productivity (and income, hello?!) and minimize stress (thank you!).

I'm breaking it all down inside the episode. It's only 16 minutes long, so absolutely listen to the whole thing if you want to have a weekly workflow that serves you!

Here are my four steps to creating a workflow that creates ease and flow: 

1. brain dump

Write down all of the things you need to get done in a week in your business. Like, literally everything.

2. categorize

Make your own categories that make sense for how you work:

-makeup vs. no makeup days

-office days vs content creation days

-on vs. off energy

3. assign a day

Not sure which day to choose? Pick a day that makes the most sense and you can absolutely change it down the road. Think about your personal time commitments, your categories, and decide which major tasks to assign.

-max 3 big tasks a day, depending on your business.

I’m going to share my week with you, then we'll break down step #4 and I'll give you some examples.


  • blog post on The Skinny Arm
  • The Skinny Arm newsletter


  • coaching calls
  • promote this week's podcast dropping tomorrow
  • upload podcast to post automatically on Wed at 6am


  • share podcast
  • write new episode
  • record new episode


  • coaching calls
  • send out TBB newsletter


  • content creation day
  • content planning for next week

4. assign supporting content

This is where content planning and weekly workflow start to work together! Your major tasks inform your supporting content...i.e. Instagram stories content.

Ex: I send out The Blogger Brunch newsletter every Thursday, so every Wednesday, I’m going to post an IG story to remind you to sign up to get the juicy entrepreneur nuggets that I’m sending out tomorrow.

Ex: Every Monday, I publish a new blog post, so every Tuesday, I'm sharing my "new posts" IG stories graphics with a link to my new blog post.

The beauty of having a workflow is that if you miss a week, it's no big deal because you'll pick up right where you left off next week, and you won't have to stress about getting a task done because you'll see it on your calendar next week! 

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