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How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Mind reset, energy coaching, and personal growth tips to make the most of your next networking event.
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Rhonda Jenkins
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In this episode, Rhonda is joined by Chelsie Richard to talk about mindset and energy, as well as touching on social anxiety as it pertains to group events. As an energy coach that specializes in helping women overcome trauma, Chelsie dives into ways to address and embrace low energy emotions such as anger or fear, and the importance of balancing them with high-frequency emotions like gratitude. 

Chelsie explains that 96.4% of the universe is made up of energy, showing that only a small portion is actually physical matter. Who knew energy was such a large part of everything we experience?! It turns out that trauma is the result of what is happening in the nervous system when we don’t know how to process them and energy becomes stagnant.

Rhonda and Chelsie get into some incredibly helpful, actionable tips for addressing social anxiety including setting goals for each event, preparing your nervous system through your breath, and sharing your truth while at events. Rhonda steps out of her typical hostess role and opens up about how she goes about attending events as a guest, in addition to her hostess and planner experiences. 

So what does an energy coach actually do?? As an energy coach, Chelsie helps guide people in their experience navigating emotions of different frequencies to find the answers within themselves. 

Something that resonates with Rhonda and may resonate with you as well is the importance of experiencing low-frequency emotions and not pushing them away. Chelsie explains the need to befriend your emotions, as they are there to help you. Are you letting yourself feel all of your emotions, even those at a low frequency? 

“Your emotions are there to be your friend, and really help you be the best person that you can be, and they are trying to inform you that there is something that needs to be processed so that you don’t become stagnant.” 

Podcast Guest

Chelsie Richard

Energy & Transformation Coach

Chelsie is a domestic violence survivor, published author, speaker, and former celebrity makeup artist turned mindfulness and self development healer.

Podcast Host

Rhonda Jenkins

CEO & Founder
The Blogger Brunch

Founder of The Blogger Brunch, influencer marketing expert, event planner, and lifestyle blogger at The Skinny Arm.