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How to Invest in YOU & Watch Everything Else Grow

Personal growth always precedes business growth.
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Rhonda Jenkins
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Start investing in YOURSELF and watch as everything else starts to come up higher, too.

I can look back over the last 10 years of business, self-employment, starting new businesses, and launching new things, and anytime I stepped into something new, bigger, greater, it was always preceded by a period of commitment to self-growth.

Lately, I've been on a mission to come up higher, level-up, and start preparing myself for new opportunities. I'm seeing new opportunities in my business, new clients, new avenues for income, and that didn't just happen.

This podcast episode "came to me" as I was writing a blog post for my personal channel. What started as a "Wellness Update" blog post to share a review of a new fitness program turned into a longgg post about growth and self-development. As I writing and reflecting, it became clear that I was stepping into new things and it was largely due to the growth journey I have committed to.

I recorded this episode straight from my blog post, so I encourage you to read the whole post and get all of the details.

I'm sharing the practical information and steps that have led to growth, new opportunities, new levels of income, and so much more.

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