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How to Follow Up After Being GHOSTED

Here's how to do it without being annoying!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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It's that time of year! Q4 is your busiest season...and brands' busiest season, so it's easier than ever for a brand to drop the ball and ghost you during a sponsorship or collaboration conversation. Listen to the full episode for all of the details, but the the written outline is below!

We’ve all been there...we are chatting with a brand about a sponsorship opportunity and then...crickets.

The worst.

Over the years, I have found a few methods that actually work to get the ball rolling again after being ghosted. I'm sharing them this week because as we enter holiday season, I'm almost positive that you may have to use one or a few of these ideas in your own business and email communication.

I have some dos and don'ts for you; I'll start with the *don'ts.*

1. DON’T try to Be Funny/Cheeky

This is huge. Someone shared a time with me when they tried to follow up with someone via email and tried to be funny and say something like "I'm sure you're on the beach relaxing, etc..." and then that person did actually get back in touch and they were behind because they had a death in the family. WHOA. Do not send a cheeky email trying to get a response and then be embarrassed when you do actually get a response because you were sassy. Keep it professional.

2. Don’t be Rude

You would think that I don't even have to say this, but nope...don't be rude! A big rule for me is: give the benefit of the doubt. Choose to believe that there is an actual reason that someone hasn't gotten back to you. Don't ever send an email from a place of "they're not going to read this anyway" and just say whatever you want. That is a HUGE red flag to a brand and you can guarantee that you won't be working with them in the future. Keep it polite.

Ok now that those are out of the way. What DO you do?

Here are a few ways to open communication again via email.

1. DO rekindle the convo by getting them interested again.

Did they just get tired of talking with you? Are they busy with other more exciting projects? Maybe. So how do you get them curious again? 

Mention something like: "I had another idea for how to promote your brand in a reels video and would love to share with you. Are you available this week for a call?" Be quick and to the point! You don't have to mention the actual idea (in fact, DON'T!) but just say that you have an exciting idea that you came up with to share their product, etc. This has worked for me so many times! It shows the brand that you're serious about working with them and you have great ideas. Keep it exciting!

2. DO try to find out why they ghosted.

It's ok to be direct and find out where they went? Again, I'm a big fan of a SHORT email. Keep it simple and say something like "Are you still interested?" Usually you'll get a courtesy reply at that point, and at least you can have closure and not waste time chasing after them if it's a no.

This is a big one especially after you start talking budget. I HATE when a brand ghosts after we go through all the trouble of talking numbers. Like, just be an adult and tell me that’s more than you want to spend or that you don’t think I’m worth. Give me the courtesy of a conversation. You can say something like "What did your team think about the package rates we discussed last week." Again, they will usually give you a courtesy response at that point, even if it's a no, or they'll continue the negotiation process with you!

3. DO Ask a specific question.

This can work well with #2, but ask a specific question about the campaign or the brand.

For example: "what product are you most interested in promoting right now?"

"will you have any specials for Q4 that you want your partners to promote?"

This will show the brand that you're still interested, you still have room for them on your content calendar, and that you're professional! That is huge! 

Overall, brands are busy, just like you! Give them some grace, but it's ok to be professional and persistent to get a response. If they don’t respond for months on end…maybe spend your time moving on to someone else. Add that company to a list and try back in a year or so. Marketing positions in large corporations have a high turnover, so it's likely that when someone else is in that role down the road, you may have more success with them.

I hope this was helpful. Share it with blogger friends who might also be struggling with this during Q4! We’ll see you next Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving!

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