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How to Create (or update!) a JUICY Vision for Your Brand

Vision comes before success!
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Are you just starting your blog or brand? Or maybe you just need a refresh on what you're working toward. Time to create a CLEAR VISION to get you there! As always, this is just an episode summary. Listen to the full podcast for details and examples.

So why is it important to have a vision? Your vision is like your roadmap. Your daily work is like your drive to your end destination. You can drive forever and ever, but if you don’t have a roadmap, you’ll never get there! You can work and work and work and be busy busy busy, but if you don’t have a vision, you’ll never arrive at the destination and your work will never be enough. That's why it is so important to have a clear vision of where you want to go, so you’re not wasting time, energy, and resources just being "busy!"

So. how do you create a vision for your brand? Or even your life!?

1. First, don’t make it sound like a big scary thing. Another way to ask what your vision is, is simply….what do you want? That’s what your vision is for your blog/business.

  • I asked one of the girls last week what’s your vision for your new blog or what’s the dream?!!? and she was like oh the big dream? I want to blog full time and have kids and be able to work from home on my blog.
  • she didn’t even hesitate. she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her blog. she knew her why
  • so what’s your dream? Write it down.

2. Next up, what’s the WHY behind the vision?

This plays into your purpose. Think about why you want to blog or do the thing that you’re doing. What’s the reason? This usually goes a little deeper than “to make money” or “passion for fashion”(please don’t use that phrase!) Think about why you want to do that thing or be known for this thing. Why does that speak to you?

  • this is what keeps you going when you feel stuck or discouraged. so make it good!
  • what to do with the vision once you have it?

3. Make a vision board!

I know, sounds cheesy, but this is a huge piece of the vision puzzle! What's the point of having a vision if you never see it and can barely remember it!

  • photos, pictures! your brain thinks in pictures, not words!

Then keep it in front of you, say it out loud, look at it everyday! Take a photo of the board for your screensaver and phone background, tape it to your mirror, put it on your car dashboard. It should always be in front of you. Schedule check-ins with your mentors/community about it to see if you’re on track!

Tag @thebloggerbrunch in your stories and share your vision! Let's do it, ladies! 

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