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How to Create a Daily Routine that Feeds Your Goals

Create small intentional actions that give you forward progress every single day.
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Last week I shared content from a recent coaching call where we gave my client’s brand a refresh! We all need a little refresh from time to time and it was fun to see some of your Instagram bio and brand transformations! I love when you send me DMs about your updates!

So now that we’ve jump started your brand and gotten you back on track and excited about your content, now what?! This week is all about creating daily routines that feed your brand vision/brand goals and keep you moving forward! Even the quick Instagram stories that you snap and share can and should feed into brand vision and goals. So how do you put routines in place that are always moving you closer to your goals?share 5 swing rule:

Think about the "5 Swing Rule"....if you go outside with an axe every single day and swing at a tree in the same spot every single day, it will eventually fall down, right?! Yes. It might take time, but if you're consistent and keep doing your small daily action, it will eventually get the job done! 

Even in our small Instagram Stories check-ins and videos that we share, we can be establishing expertise and adding to our brand. Think about ALL the things you do for your blog, work, and home that you DON'T share everyday. Probably a lot! All we need to do is think through our daily routines and break them down into routine sharable moments that contribute to our overall brand goals.

I came up with a list of examples of how to do this, depending on what type of content you share. I came up with this list so so fast and I know you could do the same! Break things down!

-Are you pulling outfits for a photoshoot? Why not take a boomerang and do a “sneak peak” for some fall content coming next week!

-Are you working on a branded campaign? Why not snap a photo during your shoot or when you first get the product in and share it as a teaser? I used to think that doing that would be "giving away content for free," but it's not! It’s creating expertise and continuity for your followers.

-Sharing home decor? (I’m starting to share more on my personal channel and just did this!) Make a list of the spots in your home that you want to/are able to share and share one every day! Hold your coffee cup up to them, show the morning light - whatever!

-Share a quick pic from your daily workout! Even if you're not a fitness blogger (I'm not!), showing something that you do consistently to take care of you physical and mental wellness is a great thing to share and shows people that you're disciplined, consistent, and you show up for YOURSELF!

So think about what daily activities contribute to YOUR end goal?

YOU MIGHT NEED TO THINK ABOUT THIS…. do you know your end goal? It’s ok if you don’t. (We’ll talk more next week on how to create the goal and vision you want!)

A lot of my podcasts encourage you to take a minute, write something down, say something out loud, make a list, or whatever….and that’s because you can listen to me talk all day or you can listen to other podcasts all day and you can pay a for a coaching session or workshop, but unless you ACT on the things we come up with and the direction I give you, it’s not going to go anywhere.

I’m so proud of my client that I mentioned last week because she immediately acted on the ideas that we talked through and has already seen some great results. I love that! And that’s why I love sharing information with you via this podcast and I love coaching women, but I do require that you take action. I can’t do it for you and it won’t just happen!

But small steps…going back to the illustration at the beginning of this episode….your 5 daily axe swings add up and keep building and building until you finally chop the tree down and achieve what you’ve been working on each day.

So this is your reminder and encouragement to look at your daily routine and see if it’s supporting your brand vision and your goals. Then start taking those daily small steps to reach your goals and they will start to add up!

I hope this was helpful for you! Shoot me a DM @thebloggerbrunch and tell me what you’re working on! We’ll see you next Wednesday!

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