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How to Attract New Business Opportunities

Hint: are you OPEN or CLOSED?
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Rhonda Jenkins
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It's time attract some new opportunities to your business and life!

How do opportunities start? As conversations!

I'm sharing a few personal stories and examples in this episode, so listen for the full version!

There are some basic body language principles that we can practice to become more OPEN, and those translate to our digital presence too.

1. Phone down

This one doesn't apply to our online businesses, but in real life this is the BIGGEST way to appear closed to new opportunities and conversations. Of course we want to stay connected throughout our day, but be mindful of the time you spend in public (i.e. grocery store) and are buried in our phones.

2. Eyes up

You'll be surprised how this changes your perspective when you make a decision to be present and look around you while in public. Try to make eye contact with people instead of avoiding it. Try to catch someone's gaze to give them a wave!

Online, this translates to: be engaged! Don't just "post and ghost." Share your content, then look around! If you want more engagement, you have to give more engagement! That's how it works!

3. smile

You never know who you will encourage with a simple smile or who will encourage you! Smiling at someone in person is the best way to open the door to a conversation and new opportunity. At the very least, it's the nice thing to do!

Online, I think this translates to a DM! Take a minute to send a message! I have had so many clients, partnerships, and friends come from a simple DM conversation! If you want to attract new opportunities, all you have to do is be open, make a few small moves, and you'll be surprised what comes back to you!

I *love* helping female entrepreneurs gain clarity in their businesses and start attracting new opportunities through their social media and brand presence. If you're looking for support to grow your business, check out my new program, Show Up + Blow Up Intensive! As always, DM me @thebloggerbrunch with questions or comments!

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