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How Many Pitches Do I Send Each Week?

Here's my pitching strategy!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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Let's talk pitching! How many pitches do you send each week? I went to a conference one time and was told I needed to send 150 pitches per week to get brand collaborations. Hmmm. That's a no for me. I pitch wayyy less than that, but I want to share how I make it count! Quality over quantity is part of my pitch strategy! 

I have 10k followers now, but I was earning consistent money with under 10k followers, like way under 10k... and you can too! Listen to the episode for the details, but here are the main points.


Before you ever reach out to a brand, you need to "warm them up." I'm not a fan of pitching to a cold lead or doing cold outreach. Here's how to do it!

1. Follow the brand on Instagram.

2. Post organically about them in stories on Instagram.

3. DM the brand to get the right contact person.

4. THEN you send your specific/non-template pitch email.

Before you do this, I highly recommend listening to Episode 24 - brand refresh in under one hour! Make sure you are putting your best foot forward before you reach out and start pitching.

If you’re starting out, think about quality over quantity! 

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