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How Long-Form Content can TRIPLE your brand partnership revenue!

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Rhonda Jenkins
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What's long-form content?! It used to be defined by word count (anything over 700 words) but now it's more about if the piece of content goes into depth about it's topic and answers all questions surrounding it. We live in a world of content overload! Everyone is a content creator, but not everyone is providing long-form content to truly serve their audience.

In today's episode we are chatting about what type of long-form content is right for you AND once you're there, how to use it to TRIPLE your business revenue! Long-form content has provided me with the opportunity to maximize my business partnerships via my blog, The Skinny Arm, for years, and it can do the same for you!

Does long-form content mean you need a website? Nope! But that's probably the most common platform in the blogosphere. There are a few others that shouldn't be overlooked though!

Blog/website - great place for articles, affiliate links, photo content.

Podcast - great for a lot of information, hobbies, audio

Youtube video -great for links, how-tos, if you are good on video

*Email list - this is a great way to capture your audience and be able to contact them at any time. This content could supplement any other platform or be the starting point as you're building a platform!

So why is it so important to create long-form content?

1. Ownership

You have probably heard this before, but you don't own your Instagram content! aka if Instagram goes away tomorrow, you're in trouble. How will you reach your community? Where will your followers go to find you? If you have a website and email list, that answer is simple, but if not, you need to start thinking about it.

This will be another topic for another day, but if you’re starting your email list or looking for something easier, I highly recommend FloDesk. I have been using it for about a year now and I love it. Here's a link for 50% off your plan: https://flodesk.com/c/THEBLOGGERBRUNCH Definitely try it if you’re needing some email inspiration!

2. Content /Living Forever

If you are sharing content with your community, a website is a great place to share "long-form" content or more personal content or updates. It takes a lot to get someone to click out of instagram and over to a website, but I've done it plenty of times for resources or to get the scoop on a house update, pregnancy announcement, or reading about a friend's life update!

If you share any kind of affiliate links as part of your income streams, you need a website or platform that is consistent because links will live forever, as opposed to having to repost them regularly on Instagram.

Train your audience to look for your links on your website to cut down on questions that can easily be found on your site.

3. Working with Brands

Here we go…this is huge for brand collaborations. This is probably the reason you clicked on this episode. You want to make more money!

Think about this: instead of charging a brand for one Instagram post/video (piece of short-form content), what if you could charge them TRIPLE that, automatically.

Instead of just offering small pieces of content, think about a package deal with one long + one short piece of content. Usually the amount of content you have to create will be the same (a photoshoot or video shoot), but now you are able to show the brand more value and charge them more.

If you have a website, you can show you which pages are performing, how many visitors are reading your website each month, etc., and those stats are valuable to brands, along with SEO and the benefit of mentions on other webpages that help their brand webpage rank higher in search results!

Another great thing about owning a website, YouTube channel, or podcast is that you can use it to generate passive income by placing ads on your site. They're not the prettiest addition, but brands will pay to advertise, so if you have the pageviews or downloads, it's a great idea to look into and work toward.

Final Tips

I hope this gets your wheels turning about ways to use long-form content in your business and which platform is best for you.


If you have a website and don't currently post regularly on it, it's time to change that! Think about what kind of content makes sense for you. I've done all sorts of things over the years and I always recommend a new series for anyone starting out and trying to be consistent. I've done Foodie Friday, What I Wore, Blogging Series; friends have done budgeting series, fitness updates, home decor roundups, Pinterest inspiration....endless possibilities! Think about what kind of content you like to create and what your community would be most interested in. Collages? Daily outfits? Personal topics?


I recommend that when you're starting out, you post consistently on the same day every week. I post one new blog post every Monday and I send out my weekly newsletter every Monday. I promised myself years ago that if I was going to start a newsletter it had to be every single week and it had to have at least one new blog post in it. My newsletter is what keeps me accountable to write new posts each week! There are so many things I need to improve on, but one thing I'm proud of is that my newsletter goes out ever week rain or shine!

It is so much easier to maintain momentum than to stop and start, stop and start! Pick one thing to add in to your content, and stick to it! I know you can do it!

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