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How it Started vs. How it's Going

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Rhonda Jenkins
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This episode is going to be HUGE for you if you're feeling discouraged or stuck!

I want to share a little bit of the conversation that happened at a recent event for The Blogger Brunch. We took a little walk down memory lane and I shared part of my journey of starting The Blogger Brunch as well as starting my personal blog, The Skinny Arm, back in 2013! 

I have had a very slow growth process in my personal brand because I never wanted to "niche down." However, The Blogger Brunch is a different story because it is SO niche that it grew a lot faster without much initial social media growth effort. Last week I shared that October was my highest blog revenue month EVER (money from brand collaborations) but on day one of November, that changed and November became my highest ever month. On DAY ONE of a new month, my previous revenue record was surpassed. Wow.

First, I want to celebrate both of those wins. October was a huge win and the start of November has already been a huge win. That made me look at my goals and my mindset around my blog and business and my pitching game. I had to adjust my November goal. (hint: I DOUBLED IT!) and now am working on strategically pitching a couple brands that I would like to work with.

I shared that with the ladies at The Blogger Brunch event and it made me realize that I need to share some of that here.

Yes, we want to celebrate our wins. ABSOLUTELY! But what else?

We need to also know how to analyze them and learn from them to continue to improve and grow. In this episode, I'm sharing 3 questions to ask yourself after every win (or after every week/month) in your business! 

A quick note before jumping in: it's time to reframe your mindset. Small wins are still WINS. Let's celebrate them and use them to GROW.

1. What's Your Win? What did you do that you're proud of? 

For me, I shared about my two biggest months. That's a huge win. I'm proud that I raised my prices and that's how November exceeded my previous numbers so quickly. I'm proud of myself for having a potentially uncomfortable conversation with a brand.

Focus on the good and celebrating your win before moving on to step 2!

2. What Could You Do Better? 

Of course we want to focus on the positive first. If your win is that you posted your first Reels video, that's great! Let's celebrate the win before you start critiquing it for not getting enough views. You with me? 

Think of the things that you want to do better in the future and how you can make it happen. For me, in my pitching example...I raised my prices but the brand accepted them right away without negotiating at all. Perhaps I should have asked for more.

This step isn't about being overly critical, but instead, analyzing what you did and looking for ways to keep improving in the future.

3. What Do You Need Help With? 

This is a big one! We often look at steps 1 and 2, but don't ever think about step 3! What do you need help with in your business? What new skill can you learn that will make your work better? What can you outsource to someone who is way more efficient? For me, I outsourced podcast editing and it has saved me so much time and energy. Could I do it? Yes. Do I want to spend my time on it? Nope! 

In your own business, think about what you need help with? Pitching? Photography? Video editing? Learning a new skill or hiring someone to help you in a specific area will be a game changer for you! 

I hope this is a good reminder to you! Listen to the full episode for all of the examples and to hear more about Pitches to Riches, launching soon! 

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