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Unpacking two secrets to growing your audience with EMAIL!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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Today we are talking all things email marketing…aka the fastest way to grow your audience! Yes, we all love Instagram Reels, and I hope you are creating Reels, but we’ll talk about that later!

Today we are all going to nerd out together and talk about EMAIL LISTS! Yes, insert nerd emoji with glasses here because that’s how I feel when I talk about business things like this that aren’t super sexy and exciting, but SO important!

I grew my email list from 0 to 500 once I figured out these two secret and they’re so so simple.

Lately, we have been talking about pitching and then specific tools and types of content that you need to be using in your brand. I realized I’ve mentioned emails in almost every episode, and that I needed to do a full episode on email marketing!

So here’s the big question: if instagram goes away, how will your followers find you!? EMAIL!

Really quick, a few benefits of email:

email goes directly to their inbox

you own your email list

you can establish a routine with your audience

you can share direct links/easy clickable links

you can offer it to brands…a “top line” mention as part of a media package

I just love email marketing!

I use FloDesk for my email and have for about a year. i switched from Mailchimp and wow! I didn’t know what I was missing! FloDesk has beautiful templates and makes it so easy to create pretty email campaigns! I highly recommend using them! I’ve got a discount code for you for 50% off in the show notes.

OK you know the benefits of email marketing. Now that I’ve convinced you to give some love and attention to your email platform, what are the secrets to growing your audience?

I grew my list from 0 (or maybe like 3?) to 500 once I figured out what people wanted from me.

There are only two secrets to growing your email list.

SECRET #1: Find out what they are willing to trade for their email address.

People are stingy with their email address (I sure am!), so it has to be juicy enough to make them want it!

Freebies, a travel guide, a newsletter… think within your niche. For some it’s events, for some it’s recipes, for some it might be a freebie, or an e-book about your subject of expertise!

You can try a few different things! Can’t decide between a giving away a workout freebie or a meal plan freebie? Do both and see what gets more signups! Email gives you flexibility to try a few things then commit to the audience/topici that you want to grow the most.


You have to be consistent or it won’t work. I have stopped and started on projects before - even this podcast and it doesn’t work. You completely lose momentum and you lose trust with you audience. They’ll no longer think of you as their go-to expert in that field if you miss a few weeks or aren’t delivering what you promised. It has to be consistent.

When I made a commitment to myself years ago to send out one email newsletter per week, that’s when the magic started to happen for my personal brand. It can definitely add some pressure to add another piece of content to create, but it’s worth it and email marketing is the best way to grow your audience around the topic that you want to share about.

Your email list will start to grow if you follow those two secrets. What’s that valuable thing you can offer people? Then give it to them consistently.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you for letting me nerd out on something that seems kind of lame. but I promise you’ll see major changes start to happen if you really start to leverage the power of your email list! Go give it a try and we’ll see you next Wednesday!

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