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Time to prioritize!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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Time to prioritize and cut out everything that is unnecessary.

We are all *so* busy and it's tough to find balance when part of your job IS social media. So how do we choose what to get done and what to leave on our to-do list?

Today, I want to share a simple tool that will help you put things in perspective and regain control of your schedule and your to do list! This tool is something that has been on my mind lately. I’ve been working on balancing tasks, my different businesses, family time, celebrating friends, all of the fun things, and it's tough to keep it all in perspective.

Have you ever heard of the Eisenhower matrix?

It’s a simple box, divided into four boxes and it maps out your priorities for you by showing you "Important vs. urgent." Definitely Google it for more visuals, but here is a simple example to help you visualize.

So you have four boxes to put tasks into:

top left: important and urgent

top right: important and not urgent

bottom left: not important but urgent

bottom right: not important and not urgent

EVERYTHING you do can be put into one of those four boxes.

When I’m getting overwhelmed with my to-do list or all of the projects i’m working on, I think “what is the one important thing I need to do today?”

Today, it’s record this podcast and send to my editor so I have something to publish! On Mondays, it’s write a blog post and send my newsletter. I love a routine for that reason - it makes it clear what i need to do, but what about when things get crazy? Let’s break down how to use this tool.

Top left: important and urgent

These are your “do it” tasks.

-Big deadlines: client work, your newsletter each week.

-In your personal life: if you have a sick child, you drop everything to handle it.

Top right: important and *not* urgent

These are your “plant it” tasks. Things that are important but you can plan them for later.

-In your personal life: relationships, time with family

-working out

-In your business, this could look like content planning, brand strategy…super important tasks but theres no deadline so you can push it easily (procrastinators, watch out!).

-Things you can add into your schedule and know that they’ll be taken care at that later date.

Bottom left: not important but urgent

These are your “delegate it” tasks. these are usually your interruptions. "Urgent" does not equal important. A phone ringing is urgent, but you should ignore it most of the time unless it's a scheduled call!

-Phone calls are the #1 interruption. I actually had two phone calls while recording this podcast...ignore!

-Responding to routine emails

-Posting on instagram

These don't necessarily require your skill set to execute. Can you hire help?

Bottom right: not important and not urgent

These are trash! These are your “delete” tasks. Get rid of these in your life! These are usually biggg time wasters.

-Watching tv

-Scrolling social media with no goal of engagement

-Mindless activities

Everything you do can be categorized into one of those four boxes. Wow. Think about how many things we are wasting time on! Or how many interruptions you deal that you should ignore to keep focusing on an important task.

I want you to choose one thing today (and maybe you do this each day…) that is important and urgent that you want to get and choose one thing that is important and not urgent that you want to get done or spend time on.

When you choose specific tasks that contribute to your overall brand and business goals, you’ll start making that forward progress. We have to say no to wasted time and unimportant tasks that are constantly trying to steal our attention!

So choose wisely today! I hope this was helpful and we’ll see you next Wednesday!

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