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Finding Your Niche

Let's talk "leaving your 9 to 5" and the three questions to ask yourself before publishing content.
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Rhonda Jenkins
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Molly O’Connor, or Molly On The Move as you may know her, sits down with Rhonda this week! Together they get personal with what it looks like finding your passion, getting into blogging full time versus on the side, and succeeding in your niche. 

The goal for Molly when she started blogging was filling a need for the normal people like her to have something to read that they could truly relate to. Recently was able to narrow her focus and finding her niche in the blogging space, and she shares what the inspiration was as well as how she did it. 

“I think that goes back to that word that we all love to hate--authenticity. Does your offline life match your online life? And how can you share your real lifestyle with your followers in an authentic way?” -Rhonda

Molly breaks down her recipe for success in blogging including consistency, alignment, and passion. 

Most importantly, Rhonda and Molly get into what success looks like and how that is different for everyone. Molly shares her experience with deciding that full-time blogging was not the right option for her at the time, and that part-time blogging allowed her the freedom to be creative at the level she wanted to be. She explains how the numbers--money, followers, and likes--stole her focus from creating the way she knew she was capable of. 

“I never stopped to make a strategy, and that’s because the second I decided to go full time I started to worry so much...I think I got caught up so much in numbers… the stress of those things took away my ability to be creative.” - Molly 

Podcast Guest

Molly O'Connor

Blogger & Joyful Living Expert

On a mission to live a happy and well-balanced life, while helping others fuel their joy through life’s littlest pleasures and biggest adventures.

Podcast Host

Rhonda Jenkins

CEO & Founder
The Blogger Brunch

Founder of The Blogger Brunch, influencer marketing expert, event planner, and lifestyle blogger at The Skinny Arm.