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Rhonda Jenkins
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In this episode, Mai Lyn Ngo joins Rhonda to talk everything events and entrepreneurship, diving into what that looked like in 2020. Both women are Dallas-based professionals in the event space who had to get creative in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Mai Lyn Ngo is the founder of Dallas Fitness Ambassadors and brings her expertise on community and connection. 

As a journalism turned fitness blogger turned entrepreneur, Mai Lyn explains how unexpected roads got her to where she got today, and how she keeps herself disciplined. From her tips for schedules and accountability, to how much goes on behind the scenes, Mai Lyn gets incredibly honest about what it takes to get started and keep going even when things get tough. 

“The Dallas blogging community 5-7 years ago was pretty much non-existent in terms of fitness. It was predominantly fashion, beauty, mommy bloggers, and I was none of those things.”

Similar to the way Rhonda started Dallas Blogger Brunch originally, Mai Lyn shares how she started with small, occasional events for the sake of connecting with those doing similar things and continued to build on the community over time. 

Mai Lyn goes into specifics about how she pivoted in 2020, creating virtual events that were unique, layered, and high quality. Rhonda and Mai Lyn share the same concerns with health and safety as they are starting back with small, in person events. Not only do they talk about what that’s like for hosting events, but looking at it through a guest perspective as well. 

Later on, Mai Lyn and Rhonda lay out their best advice for people who are getting started in the event industry, explaining first steps they take, people they work with, and how they moved from small events to those of a larger scale. They also dive into the importance of self care and mental health as you get started. Mai Lyn explained: 

“So, when I first started with events, I cannot tell you how crippling the anxiety was, the stress was, the perfectionism, the control and trying to make sure everything was right because it felt like everything was on the line...I used to be so stressed even with the weather--something that is completely out of my control that I would sit here and lose sleep on. It took time for me to really let go and just be able to roll with it a little more easily.” 

Mai Lyn provides very specific advice about taking care of yourself and setting boundaries, and it was something Rhonda echoed as well. Between the two, they give specific, actionable tips for those starting in the industry. They leave you with this thought: 

“It goes a long way to feel like you are not alone and you’re not the only one struggling.” 

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