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Entrepreneur's Guide to Self-Growth

Using the Enneagram to grow yourself, then your business.
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Rhonda Jenkins
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In this episode, Amanda Workman joins Rhonda in conversations about the enneagram and self discovery. After being a  self-proclaimed ‘assessment junkie’ Amanda went on to become an enneagram consultant, helping businesses and groups of people better understand themselves so they can work together better. 

Amanda really gets into how the enneagram takes a different approach to assisting in the self discovery process, requiring people to sit with themselves and understand their inner motivations. She explains that, rather than being behavioral-focused like many other self-assessments, the enneagram dives into how your strengths and weaknesses relate. 

Rhonda shares her experiences with the enneagram, including how skeptical she was before she took it and how she actually mis-typed herself for years before getting to know herself a little better. She also shares the most exciting compliments she could receive, and how they relate to her work with the enneagram. 

Beyond just enneagram numbers, Amanda dives into how figuring out your number is just the beginning. From there, paying attention to your strengths and weaknesses, setting boundaries, and relating to others. 

“...Self-work is a journey, and it is not going to happen today. You may get your number today, but the true depth of it is not going to happen today, so go in with that. We’re not here for a five minute Cosmo Quiz.” 

Podcast Guest

Amanda Workman

Corporate Coach & Enneagram Consultant

Amanda is a corporate coach and Enneagram trainer and consultant.

Podcast Host

Rhonda Jenkins

CEO & Founder
The Blogger Brunch

Founder of The Blogger Brunch, influencer marketing expert, event planner, and lifestyle blogger at The Skinny Arm.