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Do These 3 Things to Prepare for Your Biggest Dreams

Dreams don't come true without these 3 steps.
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I can't believe it's September! If you are looking at the calendar and wondering where the year has gone and how you're not closer to achieving your goals, this episode is for you! 

This episode can be applied to business, your life, instagram, and even your home decor (like it did for me)!

I was having a conversation with my husband about my office makeover. I am *so* excited to be furnishing my dream home office this month and executing a few DIY projects to go along with the new office vibe.

I made a moodboard mid-August, I announced the project on Instagram in August, and I labeled it as my September project.

So what do you know, September rolls around and it’s Labor Day Weekend and I realize that a lot of furniture is on sale (!!!)

I go to my moodboard, click on the items that I have saved and two of them are on sale! What a great deal!

So I’m ready to buy them, I know exactly what I want, I’ve got it on my board that I’m looking at every single day, and then it becomes available to me at a great price, and I’m able to make a move and jump on it. When my furniture became available, I was prepared, and I was able to snatch it at a great price.

It almost seemed too easy, but in reality, I had prepared for it, so I was ready. I told my husband how easy it felt and that I wanted all of my projects to feel this easy...to be prepared for them!

What's that dream that you want? That big goal or plan that you're working on? 

Are you ready for it?

Have you been preparing for it?

Or are you thinking about this big dream or goal in your life but you *actually* don’t believe it will happen and you’ve done nothing to prepare for it?

Let’s talk about how to prepare

I have women reaching out to me DAILY telling me that they want to have a certain level of business or they want to achieve something, and I'll always ask them if they have done xyz to prepare. Or if they are ready to invest in coaching with me to make it happen....a lot of times they say "I'm not quite ready."

You have a huge goal that you want, but you're not ready to go for it? I hate to hear that. So that's what today's episode is all about. How to prepare, so when your opportunity comes, you're ready!

1. you need to get clear on your vision

What's the ONE thing you want? What's the ONE thing that you want to have done by the end of the year? What's the ONE thing that will move the needle in your life?

We are all pros at *action* and doing lots of things to make us feel productive, but are all of those things contributing to that ONE thing you want? Ignore the other extras and focus on that ONE thing.

I have my vision for my office on a moodboard and I'm looking at it daily. It is so clear to me! 

I have had to pass on so many other business opportunities and focus on coaching lately because that what i want to grow.

I had to pass on a lot of sale furniture over the weekend that would have been perfect for other rooms in my house because I’m 100% focused on my office this month.

2. you need to declare it

Declare your big dream, your vision, that thing that you want. You need to say it out loud, share it with someone.

DM me and tell me your goal. Tell me what you’re building.

Tell me what you want to launch. i love hearing it!

I shared my office makeover on social, I told my husband, that equals accountability! The more you talk about it, the more you can envision it and see it becoming real, and you're also building in some accountability!

I am fully expecting a beautiful, luxe new office by October 1, 2022.

3. you need to take action

I’ll go one step further and add *aligned action.*

If you say you want to grow your business, but you’re not investing in it, investing in learning new skills, investing in coaching or courses that can help you, i don’t know how you expect for that to magically happen. you have to take aligned action that is going to help you get to your goal.

For my office, I started selling furniture; I started clearing out all of the old furniture that I could in order to make room for the new stuff, even before I had ordered it!

I set cash aside to be able to buy the first few pieces when sept rolled around. I stopped buying random things for my house and only focused on my budget for my office. I made a commitment to only pay cash for my office, so i had to back it up with action and prepare.

What’s the action you need to take to start making moves toward your dream?

Investing in yourself, courses, coaching...

This could be as simple as finally buying a $20 tripod so you can film those videos you keep talking about posting on Instagram or YouTube.

Learning a new skill.

This could be you want to be an online coach but you won’t start your email newsletter (hello, Email Queen!)

This could be you want to start working with brands, but you won’t post consistently on IG.

Your big goal could be making a certain amount of money in your business, but you haven’t opened a business checking account. Take the action you need to so that when your goal happens, you’re ready!

"When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare." - John Wooden

DM me and share your big goal with me! I would love to support you! If you are ready to make moves toward your goals, are tired of wasting time, then DM me and let's work together to transform your dreams into a reality!


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