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Avoid These FOUR Things That Will Tank Your Business

Lessons from 9 years of entrepreneurship.
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Rhonda Jenkins

After 9 years of entrepreneurship and 6 years of self-employment, I've learned a few things! Unfortunately, I had to learn some of them the HARD way! ;) I'm sharing a few of my most important business takeaways today and what to AVOID as you try to launch or grow your business.

Some of the magic of this episode is the stories that I share. I'll share the main four points here, but highly encourage you to listen to the full episode to hear each of the sub-points and examples of things to avoid.

1. avoid self-sabotage

2. avoid caring what other people think

3. avoid perfectionism

4. avoid doing it alone

If you missed last week's podcast, go back and listen to the things I WOULD do if i was starting my business today.

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