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Ask and You Shall Receive! Here's How to ASK!

It's time to move to the next level it usually requires asking for something new. Here's how to get it!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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Ask and you shall receive! Here’s how to ASK!!!

the last few episodes have been around an entrepreneur series. because if you have a blog or want to start one and make it a business, you’re an entrepreneur. Don’t downplay the work you’re putting in!  

There’s one BIG tip that I had to learn many years ago, but I still have to practice it daily, and that is: asking for what I want.

Sounds easy, but sometimes it’s tough in business. Especially for women. You’ve heard it before…men are great at negotiating for a higher salary, asking for a raise, etc., and women often accept what they’re offered! We can do better than that!

No matter where you’re at in your life or your business, the next step usually requires some change, some adjustment to get there, or some discomfort to do what’s required, or some growth, and it’s tough. Almost always you have to ASK for something. You can do so much on your own, but then it comes time to ASK.

Here’s what I mean:

ask for money

ask for support from friends/family in personal life

ask for likes/comments/shares

ask for help/hire a team

I’ve had help at all different stages of my business. You decide what you need in each season.


-podcast editor

-virtual assistant

You can do a lot by yourself, but if you want to scale and grow, it’s time to start asking for what you want to get to the next step.

So today I want to share: HOW TO ASK. for anything. and (probably) get it.

Of course, one of the big secrets is: just ask!! BUT the actual ask is the easy part (in my opinion); most people are held back because they won’t do the work that has to happen to support the ask.

Background/research/support work:

know what you’re asking for

know why you’re asking for it

know what the next step is if they say yes.

know what you’re willing to give up to get what you’re asking for.

know what you’ll do to get it.

What do you need to ask for in your business? Money? Support?

I wouldn’t be able to to do all of the things I’m doing without help. And to be completely transparent, October was my biggest month ever from collaborations alone… not counting coaching. not marketing, not events… only blogging. that’s huge! I know there are women out there with double and triple my following who aren’t earning what I’m earning, aren’t being paid for their work, and they think that’s normal. It’s not! You should be getting paid!

When I started writing the outline for this week’s podcast, I planned to share that October was my biggest month and celebrate it, BUT then I had a phone call with a brand right before recording…so now I can share that November will be my biggest month ever! We aren’t even 3 days into the month, and i’ve already surpassed my previous biggest month! Wow!


I asked! This could be an entirely separate podcast, but I’m excited to share that win with you! I want to remind you to celebrate your wins at EVERY level! No matter how small or how big! You should celebrate every success!

My Pitches to Riches course will be launching soon and I can’t wait to start helping more women in this area! Over the past couple of months, I have taken on more coaching clients and have *loved* it! I get so fired up to help women grow! I decided to finally share that service publicly instead of just on a case by case basis. I’m working on the website/landing page right now and will keep you posted along the way! So many exciting things happening, but none of it would be moving forward if I hadn’t decided to ASK for more.

Now I want you to think about what YOU need to ask for in your own business or life! is it time to ask for something so you can take your blog and business to the next level?

Let’s. GO.

I’m here to support you! In honor of this episode about asking and being vulnerable, i’m going to link to my 1 on 1 coaching sessions. I have done so many of these and love working one on one, but haven’t shared it publicly! I’m excited to make more room in my schedule for this kind of work!

As always, shoot me a DM @rhondajenkins @thebloggerbrunch with any questions!

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