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4 Steps to a *LEGIT* Reels Strategy

Four things you can actually do!
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Rhonda Jenkins
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So you want to post Reels? I can help ;)

There are a ton of different Reels strategies and approaches out there, but something still wasn't clicking for me! Here are my FOUR steps for a winning Reels strategy.



This is not a drill. I went to lunch with a friend recently and she was showing me some fun photos that she wanted to post. They were so cute! Then she said "but I don't know if I'll post them. I'm not that girl, you know?"


What? What do you mean you're not that girl? There is only one type of girl who is allowed to post killer content? Excuse me?

I think I might have yelled at her to try to set her straight. I 100% have had to work through this mindset block. It comes down to self-doubt and FEAR. And we don't have time for either of those things. If you're struggling with this, I highly recommend listening to the audio to get all of the details here.

I'm challenging you to check your mindset. What blocks do you have around Reels and around showing up online? 


I know, shocker. But how could I not grasp this for so long? I would spend hours working on event setups, writing blog posts, and organizing photoshoot themes and outfits, but I was too busy to plan a Reels? Hmmmm.

You should be treating Reels like content! After all, brands are paying for Reels, so why aren't we putting effort into this type of content creation?! 

This is super applicable for my lifestyle gals, and entrepreneurs who might not have just one niche.

Look at your verticals/content categories:

ex: fashion, fitness, food

If these are your verticals, divide your content ratio to evenly cover those topics. If you say you're a fashion blogger, but your last 5 Reels are about food, maybe you need to adjust! Of course, content ebbs and flows, but think ahead to make sure you're giving (fairly) even coverage to all of your verticals.


What do you love doing? What makes you want to take allll the photos and videos? 

OK. Let's do more of that! 

We make it tough and put pressure on ourselves. We say things like "I have to record 3 Reels today" when we should say "I'm planning to go to brunch on Saturday and since I LOVE doing that, I know I'll want to make a Reels about it."

"I love styling new outfits, so I'm going to plan to do that on Sunday and I'll record it and turn it into a Reels!"

Put things on your calendar that fire you UP! Plan things that you know you will want to share about!

I enjoy baking and knew I would want to make a Reels about my latest bake - it made content creation so much more fun! 

Last week I had all of these great home renovation projects on the books and I was so excited to make Reels about them, but things got messed up, rescheduled, and I was bummed! Did I quit though? Nope. I sat down, reworked my week of content...skipped a few days, and then got back to it! 


Slowlyyy I’m waking The Blogger Brunch IG page again. It's been fun! When I first started posting consistently, I had like 9 stories views (LOL), but slowly as I kept showing up and providing value and relevant updates/shares, people started to realize that I wasn't going anywhere. Views have steadily kept climbing.

Same with the podcast! When I first started podcasting, I think my mom was my only listener. Now I get messages from strangers who found the podcast and tell me how much they love it! I'm so glad I didn't quit! 

My personal page actually is having a huge win right now! A Reels I posted maybe 2 weeks ago is climbing and it’s up to over 90k views! I think when I originally posted it, it got around 4k views and then sat there. But whoa...now over 90k! I'm so glad I posted it!

Do not delete your Reels. Unless you have an actual issue with one that uploads wrong or something, don’t delete. One of mine hit an IG glitch where it sat at zero for hours! So then it barely got any views. Who knows why. But I didn't delete it, and it's fine! I'll just keep posting and keep posting! Not all of your Reels are going to be a big hit or go viral. Keep posting consistently!

I always love hearing from you! Podcast reviews and comments mean the world to me! Shoot me a DM @thebloggerbrunch or leave a review on iTunes!

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